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CF Moto 150 NK

Engine Type: Single cylinder, 4 stroke, liquid cooled, EFI, SOHC
Capacity: 149.4cc
Bore & Stroke: 57.0mm x 58.6mm
Compression Ratio: 10.5:1
Fuel System: EFI
Max Power Output: 10.7 Kw 9000rpm Max Torque: 12.2 Nm 6800rpm
Gearbox: 6-speed

Front Suspension: Upside down telescopic fork
Rear Suspension: Mid positioned monoshock
Front Brake: Single disc 292mm with twin-piston caliper
Rear Brake: Single disc 220mm with single piston caliper

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Inspired by the CFMOTO NK heritage, the lightweight 250NK is an ideal and agile ride powered by a potent and stable engine. Its single-cylinder engine offers excellent fuel efficiency. Inheriting the NK family genes, it’s sporty, maneuverable and easy to handle. What you get is a bike that’s easy to put your feet down at a stoplight and a blast to ride the moment it turns green, all at a price that you will approve

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Engine Type: Single cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid cooled, 4-valve, DOHC with balance shaft
Capacity: 292.4cc
Bore & Stroke: 78mm x 61.2mm
Compression Ratio: 11.3:1
Fuel System: Bosch EFI
Max Power Output: 20.5 kW 8500rpm Max Torque: 25 Nm 7000rpm
Gearbox: 6-speed

Front Suspension: Upside down telescopic fork
Rear Suspension: Mid positioned monoshock
Front Brake: J.Juan 300mm single disc with twin-piston caliper with Continental ABS
Rear Brake: Single disc 245mm with single piston caliper with Continental ABS

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The 300SR ABS is the first full-faired sports bike by CFMOTO and offers customers sophisticated sports styling, excellent handling,

Loaded with features including a quick revving 292.4 cc DOHC liquid cooled engine, Bosch EFI, 37mm upside down forks, single rear shock, hydraulic disc brakes with Continental ABS, large colour TFT display and modern LED lighting.

The 300SR ABS ticks all the boxes in one neat little sports bike package perfect for new riders looking for a fun and stylish commuter.

- Aggressive streamlined design
- Elegant lightweight outline
- Muscular profile and aggressive stance
- Speed and beauty drawn together

The 300SR ABS includes a lower handlebar and a more aggressive riding stance. The ergonomic design transitions nicely to street riding as well, allowing a comfortable position for everyday use.

LED Lights
Light the night with a LED headlight, as sharp as eagle eyes for optimum visibility. All LED lighting offers clean aesthetics.

The single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 292.4cc DOHC engine produces 21.4kW at 8750rpm and 25.3 Nm at 7250rpm. The engine has a quick-revving nature and strong torque curve that provides a remarkably smooth power delivery.

Precise fuel metering is handled by the BOSCH EFI. The electronic fuel injection ensures the fuel is fully atomised for optimum combustion and maximum fuel efficiency.

Manifold and Combustion
Optimised design of the engine manifold and combustion chamber improves intake efficiency for better fuel-air mixture. A more thorough combustion helps boost power while also reducing the 300SR ABS fuel consumption.

The engine features a double-overhead camshaft (DOHC) design. The cams directly drive the valve train, reducing the inertia of mechanical motion and allowing the engine to produce a more responsive and high-revving power delivery.

Dual-Coated Piston
A low-friction coating is used on the piston skirt to further improve efficiency by minimising friction loss. A heat insulation coating is used on the piston head to improve combustion efficiency and further reduce fuel consumption.

Cylinder Head
The cylinder head features noise-reduction technology to reduce the vibration of the cam chain, resulting in less noise and greater efficiency from the engine.

Balance Shaft
The single cylinder 300SR ABS engine is fitted with a balance-shaft to smooth out vibration and provide a more comfort ride when the engine is revved.

Superior stopping power allows you to play hard and brake hard with the 300SR ABS. Opposed four-piston caliper and 292mm disc brake on the front wheel and a single-piston floating caliper and 220mm disc on the rear. The floating caliper design ensures premium braking performance with more positive engagement and stable braking force.

In the case of emergency braking, intelligent ABS reduces the possibility of locking up the wheels—one of the greatest risks to motorcycle riding—allowing for greater safety on the road.

TFT Display
All-new colourful TFT display features two interfaces— Sport and Eco, with screen brightness that auto-adjusts to ambient light. The full-colour LCD instrument display offers integrated functions such as rpm, gear, speed and even mobile phone connectivity.

- Lightweight integrated frame design
- 37mm USD fork front suspension
- Single-shock rear suspension
- Lightweight hubs contribute to nimble handling
- CST high-performance radial tyres provide a confident grip on the road
- Minimal unsprung weight provides quick acceleration and confident cornering

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When a sporting performance meets modern practicality
When elegant design aesthetics are injected into a touring bike
Rules go out the window, average is left behind
A 650GT is born
Twist the throttle
Feel the steady rush of power
Shift into gear and ignite your senses
Leave the world behind
Lose yourself in the acceleration and find yourself in the journey

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